Lauren is an NASM certified Personal Trainer with an accredited Bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition. She creates customized fitness plans and provides sustainable nutritional guidance that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each individual for a deeper dive. Known for her positive, compassionate, and supportive outlook, Lauren takes a holistic approach focusing on the whole being functioning together in order to achieve her client’s goals.

She believes that any good thing in excess can be destructive to your wellbeing in time. Therefore, her lifestyle motto is balance, variety, moderation, and consistency. 

In her personal fitness experience, she has conquered the challenges that come from setting unrealistic goals and having an imbalanced lifestyle. As a former competitive long distance athlete and working college student, she experienced the intensity of a highly disciplined routine that involved rigorous training physically and mentally seven days a week. She learned that neglecting to fuel her body with essential nutrients led to fatigue, weakness, and mental burnout. Yet driven by her determination to unearth what her body is made of, she began a new health journey that prioritized the things that mattered most to her – a sufficient energy level for the day, a peaceful state of mind, and a strong & healthy body internally. By following her 4-part motto, she reached new heights.

With these insights, she is determined to share her knowledge and experience with others. She is committed to helping others achieve their fitness goals while promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her journey has taught her that success in fitness is not just about pushing yourself to the limit physically, but keeping your mind set on the end goal which is a routine that you can maintain and one that brings you life.

Lauren McCollum