Bia is a well of knowledge and positive energy.

Bia started her health and fitness journey in 2017, when she wanted to accomplish her (alongside the rest of the world!) New Years Resolution of getting in shape. She quickly realized that the “eating less and exercising more” mentality wasn’t getting her results, so she began her attempt at weight training and found a passion amongst the iron plates.

As a psychology major with a background in studying and researching eating disorders, Bia knows the dangers of diet culture and how exhausting it is to navigate these beliefs while trying to become involved in fitness.

She continued her journey in research at the University of California, San Diego as a behavioral health coach for NIH-funded weight loss intervention studies. There, she discovered her passion for communicating and forming relationships with people to help them become healthier in a sustainable manner. She realized the best way she could help others find balance in nutrition and exercise was by starting a career as a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, she strives to teach her clients that being healthy and active doesn’t mean being restrictive and punishing. She believes that exercise should be empowering and, yes, even fun.

When she walks in the room, you know, it’s go time. Time for growth. Unforgiving honesty but with a compassionate approach.

She sees life through a scope of balance and sustainability. Her personal daily practice models how to stay healthy in mind and body. She handles training with an open mind to the needs and capabilities of her clients. She won’t try and sell you on fads or fluff, she is someone you can relate to, she is someone you can struggle alongside with. Bia is as real as it gets.


Bia Varela